Happy Navruz!


We congratulate all students, teachers, scientists, workers of food production, chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas enterprises and all compatriots on the bright and gracious holiday of Navruz!

Symbolically, this year the holiday embodies the idea "let every day be like Navruz." Traditions, customs and ceremonies associated with the cult of nature and fertility acquired a new spiritual significance in the years of Independence, especially this year. In Navruz, with the awakening of nature, people look with hope in the future. The essence of this ancient and young holiday in our days lies in the ideas of good, creativity, kindness, peace and friendship. So let us wish all people these imperishable common to all mankind values.

We, sincerely wish you fulfillment of desires, happiness and happy days, good health, wisdom, prosperity and mercy.

Congratulations, dear compatriots!

On behalf of the collective Tashkent Chemical Technology Institute

Rector     Sh. A. Mutalov