5320400 - Chemical technology (silicate materials)


Qualification level:Bachelor (degree): - Duration: 4 years. - Curriculum: humanitarian and social-economic sciences, mathematical and natural sciences, professional and specializeddisciplines. - The graduate obtains qualification of “Bachelor” (degree). - Diploma granted in Uzbek and English languages.   “Chemical technology (silicate materials)”study programme is a technical study programme in the area of ​​natural scienceeducation, offering an in-depth study of the following fundamental disciplines: mathematics, physics, chemistry and chemical engineering; as well as the following specialized disciplines: special studies of technological foundations for production, processing and utilization of silicate materials.   In the “Chemical technology (silicate materials)”study programmebachelors study in-depth the usage of raw materials in the production of silicate materials; ceramic, glass and binding materials, porcelain and stone ware, technical and refractory ceramics; technology of productionand equipment for glass, ceramics, cement and other silicate materials manufacturing, physical chemistry of silicate materials, composite silicate materials; silicate materials and products, their classification, quality, technological processes and equipment in production of silicate materials.   Professional activity of graduatesof study programme “Chemical technology (silicate materials)” include: - Production of silicate materials(ceramics, glass and binders); - Ensuring and monitoring the quality of silicate materials; - The synthesis of new silicate materials using chemical processes; - Analysis of materials using modern physical-chemical analysismethods; - The introduction of alternative and innovative technologies.   Opportunities for employmentof “Chemical technology (silicate materials)” bachelor graduates: - “ASL OYNA” Joint Stock Company, Tashkent; - “Toshkent-Oniks”Joint Stock Company, Tashkent; - “Oniks-farfor” Joint-stock company, Tashkent; - “Ogneupor” Commercial and industrial enterprise, Tashkent; - “ASL NAFIS” Limited Liability Company, Samarkand; - “KVARTS”Joint Stock Company, Kuvasay; - “Oxangoron rangli cement” Uzbek-British Joint Venture, Akhangaran; - “Oxangoroncement” Joint Stock Company, Akhangaran; - “Bekobodcement” Joint Stock Company , Bekabad; - “Kuvasaytsement” Joint Stock Company, Kuvasay; - “Qizilqumcement” Joint Stock Company, Navoi, and other companies within the industry.   The direction of education is approved by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and is based on a curriculum and training program; a person, who has completely mastered theoretical and practical training and has successfully passed the final state attestation receives qualification of Bachelor” (degree), as well as state-recognized official document of higher education - Diploma.