The first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov become dearest and kindred person for each citizen of Uzbekistan. There is no single person who did not mourn the great Leader.

Developing independently during 25 years, due to coherent, multilateral and successful reforms of our country has attained the high growth rate, had formed and then consolidated modern economic capacity, evolved culture and social sphere, revived the rich spiritual heritage and became the honorable member of the international community. All these achievements are inextricably linked with Islam Karimov.

Globally, he is considered as the greatest politician of our time, farsighted and strategically thinking ruler, who possessed statesmen-like vision of the exceptionally complicated world and regional developments, unique sense of responsibility for motherland and the people, for the fate of each compatriot – the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov. The genuine independence of our country is related to this one-of-a-kind individual, who is for all of us became an example of the noble qualities, strong will and commitment, valor and patriotism, humanity and fairness. Under his leadership, Uzbekistan chose the independent way of development and took the rightful place on the global stage in the short period of time.

In the circles foreign political, business and expert, academic and science communities, the authority of the first President of Uzbekistan is very remarkable. Hence, the state, public, religious figures of Uzbekistan and the senior representatives of the number of countries and international organizations came to Islam Karimov’s hometown, Samarkand, for the burial ceremony to pay tribute to the distinguished politician and great human being. The Presidents of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, the Prime-Ministers of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Georgia, the Foreign Minister of Iran, the State minister of UAE, CIS Secretary and others were among them.

The passing of Islam Karimov is an irreplaceable loss for all people of Uzbekistan. He will be remembered and honored by the future generations and future rulers. It is dramatic loss our friends who are thousand kilometers far from Uzbekistan and with whom the Republic established close and mutually beneficial cooperation. Islam Karimov laid the fundamentals of these relations. That is why the name of Islam Karimov will be recorded with golden letters in the history of Uzbekistan.

Sorrow and memory about the great person will remain for centuries, warming with love and giving the wisdom, illuminating the path with the extraordinary faith in the people in every life challenge, till the country’s heart beats.

He believed in us and we believed in him. Thank you! Thank you for peace, harmony, for achievements, for the life that we live in tune with national and spiritual values. Together we were going to build the fundamental development of the state, were creating, and were building. The leaders of the top countries of the world are unanimous about the greatness of Islam Karimov’s personality. And he valued the love and respect of the people more than anything else.

The head of foreign languages department,

 Shakhnoza Adilova