9-11 April, 2018 the delegation of the Tashkent Chemical-Technological Institute headed by the Rector D.Sc. Mutalov Sh.A., consisting of the Head of the International Department Ph.D. Babakhanova Z.A., Head of the Department of "Biotechnology" D.Sc. Mamatov Sh., Deputy Director of the Innovation Center Li Myongsook visited Changwon National University, Ulsan University and Sogang Universities and industry partners as Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction and SK Chemical in the Republic of Korea.

The visit of the TCTI delegation to Changwon National University was organized on 9.04.2018, where a meeting with the President of the University prof. CHOI Haebeom and professors Yong Ill LEE, Jae-Min Lim, Jong-gyu Park, Ju-Hyoung Lee was held. As a result of the meeting, a Memorandum on Undestanding between Changwon National University and TCTI was signed. TCTI authorities invited professors of Changwon National University to make Master classes for Master, Bachelor and PhD students of TCTI in the current academic year in the direction of "Chemical Technology", "Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies", and "Biotechnology".

Organization of internships for professors, teachers, undergraduates and doctoral students of the TCTI in Changwon National University has been under discussion.
Also on 9.04.2018 the delegation of the TCTI have visited the Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Enterprise located in the Changwon Industrial Zone. During the tour, the latest Korean developments in the field of production of machines and devices, nuclear power plants construction, as well as modern technologies for desalination of salt water were demonstrated.

Signing of the Memorandum between TCTI and Changwon
National University, 9.04.2018.

Visit to the enterprise "Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction", 9.04.2018.

Discussion with professors Yong Ill LEE, Jae-Min Lim, Jong-gyu Park

at the Changwon National University, 9.04.2018.

An introductory tour of the teaching and research laboratories of the Changwon National University was organized.

Educational and research laboratories of Changwon National University, 9.04.2018.

At the Faculty of Chemical and Bioengineering of the Changwon National University within the framework of the Symposium on nano- and biotechnology "BK21 Plus Nano Bio Symposium" PhD Zebo Babakhanova and DSc Sherzod Mamatov have made presentations about directions of education and scientific-technological research of TCTI. For Master and PhD students of Changwon National University lectures on "Technologies for the production of modern ceramic materials using silicon-organic precursors" and "New developments in the field of biotechnology" were organized by PhD Babakhanova Z.A. and DSc Mamatov Sh.M.

Lecture of PhD Babakhanova Z.A. and DSc Mamatov Sh.M. at Changwon National University, 9.04.2018.

The delegation of TCTI visited Ulsan University at 10.04.2018, where a meeting with the President of the University prof. OH Yeon-Cheon and professors of the Faculty of Chemistry Youngil Lee, Min Hyung Lee, as well as prof. Ha Li Won, In-Seob Han, Doyle Kim, Chi-Mo Park, Jaebong Lim, Sean Park was organised. It was noted that the signing of the MoU between the two HEI in 2017 y. contributed to the development of bilateral cooperation. According to the Agreement reached in 2018, Master student of TCTI Erkinov Farrukh will spend two years of master education in Ulsan University.

During the meeting, TCTI representatives were introduced to the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Ulsan University, educational programs and research projects of the University. To replenish the library base of TCTI modern textbooks in English in inorganic chemistry and polymer chemistry were provided as gratuitous from the Ulsan University.

Meeting between the Rector of TCTI Shukhrat Mutalov and President of Ulsan University prof. OH Yeon-Cheon. Textbooks provided by Ulsan University to the library of TCTI.

Ulsan University organized an excursion to the chemical plant "SK Chemical", located in the industrial zone of Ulsan. The plant specializes in gas processing, bioenergy, green chemistry, biotechnology and other industries. Modern developments in the production of biofuels were investigated with great interest from the delegation of TCTI.

Visit of representatives of TCTI to the Chemical plant "SK Chemical", 10.04.2018.

The delegation of TCTI on 11.04.2018 visited the University of Sogang, located in Seoul, where the meeting with the President of the University prof. Jong Gou PARK, as well as with Vice-Rectors Dr. Kyun Kim, Dr.Sc. Jung-yun Seo, Dr.Sc. Christine Myunghee Ahn, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Daehyoung Hong and the Head of the Department of "Chemical and biomolecular technology" Taewook Kang was organized. As a result of the meeting, a MoU between universities was signed. Possibilities of organization of internships for professors-teachers, undergraduates and doctoral students of TSTI at the University of Sogang were discussed. Representatives of TCTI got acquainted with the scientific and technical developments and laboratories of the C1 Gas Refinary R & D center, dedicated to the latest technologies of gas processing and the production of C1 gas, as well as numerous gas processing products. Also, an excursion to the biophysical research center "Sogang-Harvard Research Center for Disease Biophysics", functioning at the University of Sogang in cooperation with Harvard University was organized.

Signing of the MoU between TCTI and Sogang University, 11.04.2018.

Visit to "Sogang-Harvard Research Center for Disease Biophysics",

University of Sogang 11.04.2018.

 From left to right – Head of the Research Centre of University of Sogang prof. Choi Jeong-Woo, Head of IR Department of TCTI Z.Babakhanova, Rector of TCTI Shukrat Mutalov,

Head of Biotechnology Departmnet of TCTI Sherzod Mamatov.

Visit to the educational and research laboratories of the University of Sogang, 11.04.2018.

It was noted that the Korean government allocates huge financial resources for the development of similar research projects at Universities. In particular, the budget of only one C1 Gas Refinary R & D center is 125 mln dollars allocated by the state, which makes it possible to equip the laboratory with cutting-edge scientific equipment for research, and also creates new jobs for highly qualified specialists and scientists. Currently almost 600 specialists work at the C1 Gas Refinary R & D Center, of which 150 are Doctors of science and 450 are graduate and doctoral students.

Studying the curriculum of the bachelor's degree showed that the main difference is the possibility of the student during 4-year of education to spend  0.5 year (1 semester) in the field of industrial practice (internship in industry). This 0,5 year internship is organized at the leading enterprises of the industry or in research laboratories at the University. Also at the 3rd year of study, students have the opportunity to take the Project Lab course, aimed at determining students' propensity to scientific and research work. The training course consists of separate sessions organized by all professors of the corresponding direction and allows the student to choose a certain direction for further education after completing the course. In the Universities of Korea, it is also possible to study by the system of “3 + 2”, which means 3 years of study in Bachelor's degree and 2 years in a Master's program.

In general, the visit of the rector of the TCTI DSc  Sh.Mutalov and the representatives of the institute in the Universities of the Republic of Korea contributed to the establishment of personal ties in the research and training fields, allowed to expand and raise the level of mutually beneficial cooperation between higher education institutions.