Head of the Chair

d.t.s., doc. KadirovX.E.

Reception days: Monday-Friday (1400-1600)

Phone number: 244-36-85, (91) 132-88-38



Chair "Organic Chemistry and heavy organic synthesis technology" was founded in 2005 based on union of two chairs - Organic chemistry and technology of main organic synthesis.The chair has two directions of Bachelor’s degree: 5522400 - Chemical technology (manufacture of main organic synthesis products) and Master’s degree 5A522402- Chemical technology of organic substances (Chemical technology of of main organic synthesis products) and 5A522303- Chemical technology of fine organic materials. For the best educating future cadres at the chair are qualified, experienced professors and docents.

At the present time, two professors work at the chair, five docents, five assistants.Teachers and professors of the chair as follows:head of the chairc.t.s., docentX.E.Kadirov, d.t.s., prof. A.Ikramov, d.t.s., prof. A.S.Maksumova, c.t.s. L.A.Ismailov,, docent R.Karimov, c.t.s., docent O.A.Salihova, c.t.s., docent B.M.Abduraimov, c.t.s., docent D.A.Ergasheva, senior teachers c.t.s., S.J.Xalikova, c.t.s., docent D.Xamdamov, G.T.Abdurazzakova, Sh.A.Tadjieva, S.Sh.Turabdzanova, U.Urinov, assistants G.R.Hakimova, N.S.Matkarimova, D.Begliev, G.Daniyarov, S.S.Saidov and supporting staff – Head of the Laboratories M.Nizamova, senior laboratorant N.N.Mirzahmedova and others. Teachers of the chair actively exploring new achievements in the field of science and technology. As a result of studies the educational plans of specialized subjects were re-designed. To fully educate students, laboratory rooms equipped with modern equipments and reagents for laboratory work. In recent years, demand for graduates of Bachelor degree in specialty production of organic chemicals increased. And it shows that young professionals need to achieve high skills in higher levels. It can also be observed by the high competition of enteringexaminations tests. Each year at least 5-6 graduates defended excellent diploma in this specialty. In the preparation of the final undergraduate bachelors practice is one of the most important. Students learn about the processing of oil and gas in an advanced industrial complex“Shurtan oil and gas”, oil refining plant“Mubarak”, OA “Navoiazot”, “Maxam Chirchik” and others.

Educational-practical work of the chair

Over the last three years by teachers 3 textbooks were published, compiled and published collection of test tasks for final examinations (more than 800), the options for the intermediate and final written examinations, questions for independent work in organic chemistry and specialized subjects.5522400- chemical technology (manufacture of main organic synthesis products) and Master’s degree 5A522402- Chemical technology of organic substances (Chemical technology of basic organic synthesis products) and 5A522303- Chemical technology of fine organic materials: state educational standards in the following areas have been developed. For all specialized subjects made up, which includes schedules for lectures, laboratory works and workshops, the rating table. Prepared manuals on laboratory exercises and workshops on organic chemistry and specialized subjects in Latin alphabet.

Scientific work of the chair. Personnel of the Chair carried out research works on obtaining import-substituting, export-oriented, waste-free, eco-friendly products based on local raw materials. Over the last 3 years that the following research on three grants: 1. AITD-6-070 «Synthesis and properties of new corrosion inhibitors on the basis of local raw materials" 2. AITD-6-062 «Synthesis and properties of new ion exchange resins based on local raw materials", and since 2010 the chair has signed two economic agreements for the implementation of research activities. Recently, the chair carried out research work on the chair of multi-functional additives, as well as their use in the oil and gas industry. 7 candidate and 1 doctoral thesis under the supervision of professors A.Ikramov, D.Yusupov, A.S.Maksumovawas protectedin 2007-2011.

Companies and institutions of higher education in cooperation with the Department:GACUzkimyosanoat, Chemical-Pharmaceutical Research Institute named after A. Sultanov, Institute of Chemistry S.Yunusov, plants OA “Navoiazot”, “MaxamChirchik”, “Shurtan Gas” Chemical Complex, MCC Bukhara,UzLITIneftegaz, Tashkent State technical University, Tashkent Institute of textile and light industry, Moscow Academy of fine chemical technology named after MV Lomonosov, the Tashkent pharmaceutical Institute, national University of Uzbekistan.