Department "Chemical technologies of inorganic substances"

  THE history OF THE Chair

One of the leading chairs «Chemical technologies of inorganic substances» of the Tashkent chemical-technological institute has an old history. The chair was founded in 1939 as a part of chemical faculty of the Central Asian State University by the Decision of the State committee from 1937. At that time the candidate of science Sigov S.A. became the head of chair - the student of the rector of the Central Asian State University Elgort M. S. In 1939 13 engineer- technologists were taught on a specialty of “technology of inorganic substances” and they were sent to work at the various chemical factories of the country.

 In the summer of 1940 a number of chairs, including «Technology of inorganic substances» from the Central Asian State University joined to the structure of the Central Asian Industrial institute. However, in 1941 students and teachers could not finish academic year because of beginning of World War II, and the head of chair, the candidate of science Sigov S.A. were also mobilized to the War. During the war and up to 1946 first the chair was led by c.of s. Kuchkarov A.B., and then the first assistant of State Planning Committee of the RUZ Nabiev M. N. After the end of war from 1946 to 1967 the chair again led by c. of s. Sigov S.A. who was awarded the scientific degree of professor. From 1968 to 1990 the chair was led by d.t.s., prof. Mirzaev F.М. At that period scientific work which was carried out together with department of chemistry and technology of mineral fertilizers of А.S. of the RUz roughly developed at the chair. At the same time a number of practical recommendations have been given out for the written scientific works which have been introduced on Kokandsky and Samarkand superphosphate factories, the chemical enterprises of Chirchik, Fergana, Almalyk and Navoi.

The chair was ruled in different years by different persons: 1990-1992-c.t.s., ass. prof. Jakubov S.A.,, the prof. Mansurov P. H, 1944-2000-d.t.s., prof. Atakuziev T.A., 2000-2001, 2006-2009-c.t.s., ass. prof. Tairov Z.K., 2001-2005, 2009-2011 - d.t.s., prof. Erkaev A.U., 2055-2006-d.t.s. Iskandarova M. I,, 2011-2016 ass. prof.  Iskenderov A.M.

For years of the existence the chair has brought the considerable contribution to development of economy of Uzbekistan, having prepared more than 3500 chemists-technologists for the chemical enterprises, scientific research institute, project institutes and educational institutions of system of the higher and average vocational education. The majority of graduaters of chair are the leader experts and heads of various branches of a national economy. For example, c.t.s. Ibragimov G.I. the vice-premier of Cabinet of Ministry of the RUz, d.t.s., prof. Yakubov R.Y. the first vice-president the S.S.C «Узкимёсаноат», d.t.s., prof. Dadakhodjaev A.D.-vice-president of Stock Society "Maxam-Chirchik", d.t.s., prof. Tuhtaev S.T.-academician of АS RUz, d.t.s. the prof. honored inventor of the RUz Namazov S.S. and others.

Throughout many years in formation and development of the chair the big contribution was brought by veterans of prof. Mirzaev F.M., the prof. Mansurov P. K, ass. prof. Jakubov S.A., ass. prof. Linkevich V. A. ass. prof. Mannanova R. A, the senior teacher Terehin E.L., ass. prof. Mirzaev I.T., ass. prof. Toirov Z.K., ass. prof. Sharapov A.T., and scientific researcher Sajfullin R. Z.



1. The basic directions of scientifically research activity. The Research works spent on chair are directed on the decision of variety of problems of manufacture of various inorganic products and soda products and synthetic washing-up liquids, and also recyclings of a waste of chemical manufactures consist in reception of new kinds of mineral fertilizers and salts.

2. The works spent in cooperation with the organizations and the enterprises of corresponding branches of economy. The chair possesses high scientific potential. 4 doctors of sciences and 7 candidates of sciences here work. As part-time workers academicians of АS RUz Tuhtaev S, Beglov B.M., Dr.Tech.Sci. of prof. Namazov S.S., Reymov A.M. and a Cand.Tech.Sci. Kucharov B.H., Usanboev N.X., Alimov U. are involved in scientific and pedagogical activity from institute of the general and inorganic chemistry.

In 2014 the collectives of the chair has performed research works on the state grants for the sum more than 200 million sum. In 2015 the chair has won competition on performance of six state scientific grants for the 210 million sums in a year.

 Stock Societies "Самаркандкимё", Dehkanabad factory of potash fertilizers and Kokand superphosphate factory for a total sum more than 100 million are spent economical agreement research works from Society "Навоийазот". Subjects of research works have been coordinated about the SSC «Узкимёсаноат».

As a result of the executed research works technologies of reception of new kinds phosphorous-containing are developed, difficult, liquid, mineral fertilizers, and also extraction phosphoric acids from low-grade phosphorites of Central Kizilkum, are improved technologies of reception of soda ash, simple superphosphate and synthetic washing-up liquids.

3. The defence of candidate and doctor's dissertations. In 2009 H.C.Mirzakulov defended doctor's dissertation and now is d.t.s., the professor of chair. The flexible technology of reception of new kinds developed by him phosphorous-containing fertilizers are introduced in Society "Ammofos-Maksam" and «Самаркандкимё».

 For last three years six candidate dissertations have been defended in the chair. N.V.Volynskovoj and O.K.Rembergenova's dissertational works are introduced in Open Society "Ammofos-Maksam" and УП «Kungrad soda factory» accordingly.

 4. Working with capable students.   The scientific circle “Неорганик” which members are students of 2-4 years of bachelor and 1-2 year students of master’s degree is organized at the chair. They carry out scientific-research works on their themes in laboratories of chair under the leadership of scientific leaders. Students accept active participation in institute, republican and international scientific and technical conferences where they report the results of their research works. Results of research works of students are published in collections of proceedings of institute, republican and foreign scientific magazines.

20 students of chair participate in performance of scientific grants and economical agreement research works.

Educational-methodic works


The state standards of formation of preparation of bachelors in a direction 5320400 «Chemical technology” (inorganic substances) and masters specialties 5A320401 - Chemical technology of inorganic substances (of chemical technology of inorganic substances), 5A320401 - Chemical technology of inorganic substances (Chemical technology of mineral fertilizers), typical programs and scientific-methodical complex in general educational subjects: «the General chemical technology» and in all special subjects bachelor’s and magistracy have been prepared at the chair. For last years teachers of the chair had been prepared and published 6 textbooks, more than 30 scientific-methodical textbooks.


Teaching subjects

Subjects of bachelor’s:


1. Introduction in a speciality.

2. The general chemical technology.

3. Chemical technology of inorganic substances.

4. Chemical technology of mineral fertilizers.

5. Energetic technology.

6. The equipment of factories.

7. Technology of soda ash.

8. Modern physic-chemical methods of research.

9. Fundamentals of industrial enterprises.



Subjects of magistracy:

1. The theory and technological calculations of manufacture of the connected nitrogen.

2. The theory and technological calculations of manufacture of mineral fertilizers.

3. The theory and technological calculations of manufacture of sulfuric acid.

4. The theory and technological calculations of manufacture калейных fertilizers.

5.  The theory and technological calculations of manufacture of soda.

6. The graphic analysis of salt systems.

7. Technology of inorganic substances recycling of production waste.



The cooperation with Institute «General and inorganic chemistry» АS RUz , the SSC “Узкимёсаноат”, Society "Maxam-Chirchik", Society "Ammofos-Maksam", Society "Фарганаазот", Society "Навоийазот", “Kungrad soda factory”, “Dekhanabad factory of potash fertilizers”, Society "Самаркандкимё", Society "Узкимёсаноатлойиҳа" is established at the chair.

The chair has also close connections with the Russian Chemical-technological University named D.I.Mendeleev, Institute of the industry of soda, in Kharkov, etc.



The scientific conferences, scientific seminars devoted to actual problems of technology of inorganic substances are held at the chair every year. The scientists of institute of general and inorganic chemistry АS RUz, experts of the various chemical enterprises of Uzbekistan, teachers and students participate actively at these conferences.


The list of teachers of the chair “chemical technology of inorganic substances”

Surname, name



Адилова М.Ш.

Head of chair, candidate of science


Эркаев А.У.



Мирзакулов Х.Ч.



Атакузиев Т.А.



Реймов А.М.



Тоиров З.К.

Candidate of science


Шарипова Х.Т.

Candidate of science


Искендеров А.М.

Candidate of science (0,5)


Кучаров Б.Х.

Candidate of science (0,5)


Усанбоев Н.Х.

Candidate of science (0,5)


Меликулова Г.

Senior teacher


Турсунова Д.

Senior teacher (0,5)


Тўрақулов Б.Б.

Senior teacher


Дубовицкая Н.С.

Senior teacher


Бобоқулов А.Н.



Олимов Т.Ф.



Холов И.А.



Байраева Д.А.

Assistant (0,5), c.t.s.