Dean of the faculty

Yulchiev Aslbek Baxtiyorbekovich

Ph.D. in technical sciences

Расм ОК




At faculty scientific researches on the following directions are conducted: – studying biocatalysts bases of manufacture fault; – catalysts updating of vegetable oils; Creation of without waste technologies of drying of agricultural products, manufacture of juices and concentrates; Automation of productions; Development of devices by definition of humidity of loose materials and liquids.The following chairs operate at the faculty:

«Technology of foodstuff products»


 “Computer science, automation and management

 “Basics of mechanics and engineering graphics” 


The faculty trains bachelors on 3 directions and masters on 10 specialities. Graduates of this faculty bachelors and masters work in HOOK “UzDonMahsulot”, holding company ” UzMevaSabzavotuzum “, АК “UzYogmoytamakisanoat”, АК “Uzgoshtsutsanoat” and at other related industrial enterprises of our Republic.

Directions of formation (education)

By kinds of manufacture

Specialities of a magistracy

 5541100 – Food technologies (by kinds of production). 1. Technology of oils and fats.2. Technology of sugar and fermentive product.3. Technology of  grain and grain products.4. Technology meat – creamery productions and preserving foodstuff. 1. 5А321001 – Technology of processing of fats.3. 5А321001 – Technology of wine.4. 5А321001 – Technology of production of spirit.5. 5А321001 – Technology of production of production of tinned foodstuff.6. 5А321001 – Technology ofprocessing of a grain and other grain crops.



5521800 – Automation and management 1. Automation and management 1. 5А610101 – Service (on branches)
5522900 – Biotechnology 1. Biotechnology. 1. 5А522907 – Biotechnology of foodstuff.
5321000 – Foodsafety 1. 5321000 – Foodsafety 1. 5А321001 – Foodsafety