About Us

 The Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology (uzb. Toshkent kimyo - texnologiya instituti, http://tkti.uz) was founded on the basis of faculties of chemical technology and engineering technology of the Tashkent Polytechnic institute on May 6, 1991. The history of the Institute begins with opening of Chemical faculty at former Central Asian State Industry University in 1929 and connected with development of building, chemical, oil-and-gas and food industries of Uzbekistan.

The Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology is a modern institute with almost 100-year history specializing in education and research activities in Chemistry, Chemical and Mechanical Engineering, Oil and Gaz technology; Automation and control of processes, Material sciences, Food chemistry, technology and safety, Biotechnology, Environmental Engineering. Institute has been preparing thousands of specialists and highly qualified personnel for the national economy of Uzbekistan annually. TCTI is an active participant in reforms in education and science in Uzbekistan, combining teaching and learning processes, raising the competitiveness of trained personnel, introducing advanced pedagogical technologies, maintaining and prioritizing scientific researches.

At present, there are Main Campus in Tashkent city and 2 Regional Branches in Shahrisabz and Yangier cities. Main Campus has 5 faculties, 24 departments, 6 Regional educational centers at the industries and 12 research laboratories. The Institute provides training on 29 Bachelor programs; 30 Master programs; 16 PhD programs; 5 Double Degree Bachelor programs; 7 Double Degree Master programs, 1 Double Degree (Cotutelle) PhD program. Number of students: 7800 Bachelor students, 445 Master students and 139 PhD students.

The total number of academic staff working at the institute is more than 400 professors, including 46 doctor of sciences (DSc), professors from the Republic of Korea, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Belarus, 220 PhDs, 100 independent researchers; training seminars and lectures are regularly organized by invited foreign professors from universities in Europe, the USA, Japan, China, the Russian Federation, Korea, etc.. Furthermore, there is a Regional Center for Retraining of Teachers at the Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology and two specialized scientific councils, “Uzbekistan-China joint research laboratory on modification of asphalt technology”.

TICT is an internationally recognized governmental institute of higher education, where fundamental training is integrated into action-oriented knowledge and skills; it combines the traditions of classical engineering training and the latest technology in education. It is the country’s main institute for educating highly skilled engineers and technologists in the field of Chemical Engineering, Food technology, Biotechnology, Ecological Engineering. The Institute actively cooperates with more than 110 leading foreign universities and research centers.