Doctoral course is designed to train scientists who are able to independently conduct scientific research and experimental design work, solve scientific problems, and work in academic and non-academic environments. The duration of the doctoral course is 3 years (full-time) and those who have a master's degree or equivalent qualification. Open to Doctoral studies include teaching, scientific research, preparation and defense of a doctoral thesis. Doctor of science degree is awarded to those who have completed doctoral studies and defended their doctoral thesis.

Department of scientific affairs and training of highly qualified scientific pedagogues


1.On May 5, 1991, a post-graduate and doctoral department was established under TKTI, which was established on the basis of the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on May 5, 1999.

In the post-graduate and doctoral department, the head of the department is Narimov A.T. and the 1st class engineer started work.

In 1991, 23 graduate students and 6 doctoral students were admitted to the post-graduate course.

In 1992, 21 graduate students and 6 doctoral students.

      In 1993, 29 graduate students and 6 doctoral students.

      In 1994, 25 graduate students and 8 doctoral students.

      In 1995, 27 graduate students and 5 doctoral students.

      In total, 125 graduate students and 31 doctoral students were admitted during 1991-1995.

Starting from 2019, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education changed the name of the department from "postgraduate and doctoral studies" to "Department of Scientific Research and Training of Highly Qualified Scientific Pedagogues".

  1. Activities of professors and teachers on the training of highly qualified scientific pedagogues:

In the training of highly qualified pedagogues in the institute, among professors and teachers, DSc. prof. Erkaev A.U., DSc. prof. Mirzakulov Kh. Ch., DSc. prof. Rakhmonberdiev F.R. DSc. prof. Maksumova O.S., DSc. prof. Safarov I.I., DSc. prof. Khamrokulov F.Kh., DSc. prof. Pulatov Kh.L., DSc. prof. Dodaev K.O., DSc. prof. Aripova M.Kh., DSc. Prof. Otamurodov S.O., DSc. Prof. Khojamshukurov N.A., DSc.Prof. Artikov A.A.s have been adding their contributions.

Information about doctoral students of the institute.

Currently, 9 doctoral students, 92 basic doctoral students and 24 independent researchers are conducting their scientific research at the institute. In 2022, 3 doctoral students will graduate, and 33 basic doctoral students will graduate.

By September 2022, 3 basic doctoral students Azimova Sh. 5 months, Azimov D. and Tursunova D. defended their dissertations 4 months before the deadline.

In the competitions held for the State Scholarship of the President of Uzbekistan, in 2019 the basic doctoral student Boboev A.K., in 2020 the basic doctoral student Salijonova Sh.D., in 2022 the basic doctoral student Gaipova Sh.S. became the winners of the State Scholarship of the President of Uzbekistan and they were awarded an additional scholarship in the amount of 100% for 1 year.

Activities of existing specialized Councils

2 scientific councils operate at the Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology.

  1. Pursuant to the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 44 of June 27, 2017 on awarding the degrees of Doctor of Science (DSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) to the Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology DSc.06.27.2017.T .04.01 academic council is given. In this scientific council, 02.00.08 - "Oil and gas chemistry and technology", 02.00.14 - "Technology of organic substances and materials based on them", 02.00.15 - "Technology of silicate and refractory glass materials" and 02.00.17 - "Rural allowed to obtain a scientific degree in technical sciences in the fields of technologies and biotechnologies of processing, storage and processing of agricultural and food products. In addition to these, this council has technical sciences in the specialty 02.00.09 - "Chemistry of goods", 02.00.16 - "Chemical technology and food production processes and devices" 02.00.14 - "Technology of organic substances and materials based on them" A one-time scientific council was allowed to be established in accordance with the established procedure for obtaining a scientific degree in chemical sciences, and this scientific council has been operating.