The printed version of the journal, registered under the name «Kimyo va kimyo texnologiyasi», «Химия и химическая технология», «Chemistry and Chemical Engineering», has been published since 2003 once a quarter.

ISSN: 1992–9498

Founder – Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology

Registered with the Uzbek Press and Information Agency on August 28, 2003 No. 300, re-registered on December 13, 2006 No. 0032.

Included in the list of HAC of Uzbekistan – resolution No. 102/4 of February 26, 2004.

Since 2014 it has been included in the RSCI database.

Information about the content is presented on the institute’s website at:

The electronic journal, registered under the name «Chemistry and Chemical Engineering», has been published since 2020 in parallel with the printed issue.

E-ISSN: 2181–1121

Located on the digital platform at

Integrated into the global Digital Commons Network

All articles since 2018 have been posted on the platform.

The content of the printed and electronic journals is the same.

Editor-in-Chief – Zukhra Chingizovna Kadirova, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Prof.

Assistant Editor – Mkrtchyan Ripsime Vachaganovna, Ph.D., senior researcher


The editorial staff accepts articles in the following areas:

- technology of inorganic substances and materials:

- technology of organic substances;

- oil and gas chemistry, oil refining;

- technology of polymeric and composite materials;

- chemical and metallurgical processes of deep processing of ore, industrial and secondary raw materials;

- chemistry and technology of rare, scattered and radioactive elements;

- alternative energy sources, energy-saving technologies;

- environmental problems, the creation of low-waste and recycle technological schemes;

- chemical processing of solid fuels of natural renewable raw materials;

- processes and devices of chemical technology;

- chemical cybernetics, modeling and automation of chemical production;

- information technology in chemical technology;

- technology of medicines, household chemicals;

- biotechnology;

- food technology;

- analytical control of chemical production, quality and product certification;

- problems of toxicity, ensuring the safety of chemical plants, labor protection.