Student dormitory and hotel for foreign teachers.

Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology is located at Almachi Street 3, Mirzo Ulugbek District, Tashkent City. This TTJ was built in 1972. Completed overhaul in 2021. Currently, the total capacity of the Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology is 840.

Sports equipment, 2 tennis tables were purchased in the gym. Also, the sports halls of the institute are open for students living in the student accommodation after daily classes until 22:00. The study room of the branch of the Information Resource Center of the Institute in the student residence has 15 seats, and the study hall contains 3956 copies of books, including 719 textbooks, 1698 study guides, 768 non-fiction books, 168 scientific literature, 185 works of the President and the remaining 418 are other types of literature. It was determined that students can use the study hall until 22:00. In the student residence, 5 important initiative rooms promoted by the President were organized and equipped with exhibition stands, musical instruments (dutor, rubob, guitar, flute, circle) and special shelves. There are computer rooms in student residences, with a total of 20 modern computers installed. All of them are connected to the Internet. The student residence has 8 WiFi devices for students to use the Internet and social networks widely, and is also connected to the Tas-ix network with a speed of 1000 mb/s and external Internet channels at 600 mb/s.

Recreation area (8 32-inch TVs) for students to have cultural recreation, sports ground and sports trainers for students' physical training and interest in sports, 8 modern kitchens with all facilities for students to cook and eat, 8 provided with washrooms, 8 laundries, 16 washing machines (automatic).