International academic exchange programs

Students and staff members of the Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology can participate in international academic exchange programs based on agreements concluded between institutions.

Academic exchange program for students is a study program for 1 or 2 semesters in a foreign university; for staff members and teachers - internship or teaching mobility from 5 days-up to 1 month in a foreign university .

Selection criteria:

-Only employees and students of TCTI can participate in the program;

-Participants should have a high level of English and have a certificate (not lower than IELTS 5.0);

-For students: students should be studying in the 2nd or 3rd year of the bachelor's degree or studying at the master's level;

-For students: The average score in the rating book must be at least 71%.

Required documents for the selection:

1) For students: A copy of the rating book;

2) copy of IELTS certificate;

3) Passport copy;

4) For students: Copy of diploma;

5) CV Europass form reference;

6) For students: Agreement on studying basic courses at a foreign university and TKTI (Learning agreement is equal to 1 semester -30 ECTS, or at least 25 ECTS). Learning agreement is signed by 3-parties: the sending university (TICT), the receiving university and the student.

7) For staff members: Plan of internship.

Academic exchange programs implemented in institute:

12 academic exchange projects within ERASMUS+ of EU program; 2 academic exchange agreements were signed within Mevlana Turkey, 3 academic exchange agreement with foreign higher education institutions on the basis of bilateral agreements: