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On the occasion of June 30 Youth Day, Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology is holding a festive event under the slogan "New Uzbekistan youth unite" as part of the "World Youth Festival".

At the beginning of the festive event, the National Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan was played, after which the first vice-rector for youth affairs and spiritual education Boborajabov Bahadir Nasriddinovich opened the festive event with an opening speech and addressed the young people, the rector of our institute Usmanov Botir Shukurillaevich conveyed his holiday greetings

The following sports and intellectual competitions are held during the festive event:

Intelligence; Chess-checkers; Movie presentation; Karaoke; Football; Volleyball; Tug of war; Soup in a big pot. Disco at the end of the day.

In particular, a mini-football competition was held among young people.

In particular, a competition was held among young people in the field of volleyball.